Growth Into Greatness videos

Introduction to Growth Into Greatness

The Art of Case Presentation - Co Discovery Retreat 2017


Practice Inspiration -

Taming the Overhead Beast

This Video Was Taken At the Seattle Study Club symposium Annual Meeting -

Introduction by Dr. Michael Cohen

Perceive. Process. Perform. Do you need inspiration for you practice? Give us 15 minutes. Click on the video below to view a message from Mark Battiato & Deb Castillo and learn how Growth Into Greatness can help give you practice inspiration.


Intro to Growth Into Greatness - Part I: The Present State of Dentistry

Watch and listen to GIG Co-Founder and Business/Life Coach, Mark Battiato, as he shares views on dentistry and introduces Growth Into Greatness.


Intro to Growth Into Greatness - Part II: What Can GIG Do for My Practice

Join Mark Battiato as he answers common questions about GIG in this the second installment of the two-part series introducing the
Growth Into Greatness Institute.


What makes Growth Into Greatness Institute's approach unique?

Click on the video below to view a message from Deb Castillo, Co-Founder and Director of Training, and learn what Growth Into Greatness can bring to your practice.


An Interview with Dr. Kimberly & Jed Santiago

An Interview with Dr. Bob Gottlieb

An Interview with Dr. Paul Vernon

An Interview with Dr. Amanda Tavoularis

An Interview with Dr. Doug & David Sandquist