The Entrepreneurial Training Academy Curriculum

Creating your Entrepreneurial Game Plan

• Clearly Articulating The Vision & Goals Of The Business Owner
• Blueprint Your Goals For Next 18 Months
• Setting Expectation Levels
• Complete Financial Structuring For Each Practice
• Personal Financial Planning For The Doctor with (optional, please contact GIG for more info.)
• Initial CEO Profitability Reports

Personalized Performance Solutions I (PPS I) 
Leadership / Wealth / Vision / Structure

(3 1/2 Days With Doctor & Team - In Your Area)

• Financial Planning Module with Doctor and Spouse (if applicable)
• Clearly Articulating The Vision & Goals Of The Business Owner
• Structuring The Systems / Defining Each Role In The Practice
• Practice Budgeting / Overhead Control / CEO Wealth Reports
• Leadership Development Strategies For The Business Owner
• Defining The Direction & Structures Necessary To Accomplish The Goals Of The Business Owner
• Optimizing The Schedule (Time/Energy Management)
• Taking The Patient Interaction to The Next Level
• Creating a Powerful Mastermind Team
• Structure, Systems, Support (Entrepreneurial Models)
• Financial Incentives For The Team (Profitability, Wealth Accumulation)
• Financial Arrangements & Insurance Systems
• Rowing The Boat In The Same Direction - Team Synergy / Meetings

Personalized Performance Solutions II (PPS II) - Entrepreneurial Empowerment
TQM / Marketing / Hygiene / Communication / Growth

(3 Days With Doctor & Team - In Your Area)

• Review of Session 1 & Systems Review
• Refining The Financial Systems / Budgeting / Overhead Control
• Creating Practice Consistency and Predictability
• Developing Your Marketing Philosophy - Internally & Externally
• Building On The Leadership Foundation Of The Business Owner
• Communication Skills For The Entire Practice
• Proactive Scheduling & Refinement
• Optimal Patient Processes
• Simplifying Structures / Systems
• Creating The New Patient Experience Systems
• Key Structures For Re-Educating The Existing Patient Base
• Communications Skills Utilizing Carlson Training Models
• Hygiene As A Behavioral Health Center And Practice Enhancement
• Creating A Lifetime Referral Based Practice Model

Interactive Learning Session III
The Art of the Examination

Read: The Art of the Examination by Barry Polansky, DMD
2 1/2 Days Doctors Only -- Rainbow Retreat Lodge - North Bend, Washington

• In This Workshop You Will Be Taught By The Best-Of-The-Best
• Creating The "Wow" Experience
• Bringing The Patients' Perception About Quality Up To Yours
• Improving Case Acceptance Above 90%
• Dealing With Insurance Issues & Action Toward Being Insurance Independent
• Enhancing The Patients Perceptions of Your Philosophy of Care
• Comprehensive Treatment Planning - Master Plan Module
• Choice Based Presentations
• Incorporating The Next Level Of Clinical Excellence
• Reviewing The Direction Of The Practice
• Internal Marketing of Your Patients' Master Health Plan
• Fully Understanding And Using Patient Profiles
• Improved Financial Communications
• Incorporating A Health Centered Patient Practice
• How To Move To Higher Levels Of Optimal Care

Interactive Learning Session IV
Team Synergy (Optional Course)

(2 1/2 Days With Doctor & Team -- Big Sky, Montana or Maui, Hawaii)

• Team Learning Session with Greg Zlevor from Westwood International

• Options For Change Module
       - Purpose
       - Passion
       - People
       - Communication
       - Lifetime Learning Tools

• An Option Will Be Available For Continued Support & Refinement