This is a one year customized business development process. The shift for the doctor is to become and develop the entrepreneurial side of their practice. Structures, models, and systems are set in place to develop a practice that excels in all areas of professional growth. Doctor and team members are part of four unique Individual Performance Solutions Sessions (IPSS I & II) experiences with on going on-site personal coaching for an entire year to incorporate all ideas.

Initially, a Business Development Specialist evaluates the practice, and baseline statistics are completed for a PROFIT FIR$T Investment Return Analysis (IRA) so that a starting point exists from which to measure future progress. You assess current strengths and weaknesses and determine how you would like to grow your practice for the future. The IRA helps you identify what financial, business, and professional goals you desire for your practice and life.

The Entrepreneurial Training Course begins with two Individual Performance Solutions Sessions (IPSS I & II) for the doctor team: PPSS I, a three and a half day session held in your area, and PPSS II, a three day session held in your area. The third course, "The Art of The Examination", is for DOCTORS ONLY. This is a two and a half day Interactive Learning Session at Rainbow Retreat Lodge in Northbend, Washington. "Team Synergy" is an optional two and a half day team building Interactive Learning Session in Big Sky, Montana or Maui, Hawaii. In addition, monthly business statistics are collected and monitored by your office. These measure such things as production, collection, cash collection, accounts receivable, recall effectiveness, treatment acceptance, overhead expenses, etc. Entrepreneurial systems are incorporated to develop your own business model/philosophy for generating new growth and possibilities. You will receive conference calls with your Generative Development Coach -- (see Deb Castillo and Kevin Kwiecien biography's) -- to review practice business statistics, review goals/systems, vision and discuss new strategic and financial planning strategies. Usually these are conference calls that include doctor and key staff people. In addition, hands on business coaching with doctor and team in your office to enhance and monitor all levels of performance. You will also receive monitoring of your cash flow with new software to enhance profitability. Team development, team growth, and unity are key outcomes of this process.

This program emphasizes: Entrepreneurial development, philosophy, personal growth, and development of the doctor and team members; clearly articulating and communicating your primary aim, personal vision, with practice renewal and new growth. We help you develop a life-long master plan and a blueprint to achieve life-long success.

The Growth Into Greatness Institute is based on relationships, spiritual and emotional enrichment, and high profit (not necessarily high production). These results are achieved by:

1) Blueprinting

2) Recreating the vision

3) Incorporating new wealth strategies for the doctor and team

4) Incorporating comprehensive dental care that promotes wellness and health. Considerable efforts are made to develop people in entrepreneurial models for future business growth, creativity, possibilities, and personal and professional achievement through total customization and one-on-one coaching.

The GIG Entrepreneurial Academy is comprised of a team of two decades of experience. Our main goal is to teach entrepreneurialism to dentists and their teams.

Our purpose: To empower people to rediscover and redesign their life by incorporating wealth strategies for new possibilities.