Dr. Peter H. Fay

GIG Team Faculty/Coach

Dr. Peter Fay completed his undergraduate education at Cornell University graduating with a BA in Chemistry. He then attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine graduating in 1981. Looking to escape the cold weather he headed south for a one year General Practice Residency at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach. Then, heading west, he spent two years in his Prosthodontics specialty program at the V.A. Hospital and the University of Texas Dental School in Houston, Texas.

In 1984 Dr. Fay and his wife Emma completed their quest for ever-lasting summer and moved to Maui. For the first five years Dr. Fay was an associate in a high volume, insurance oriented practice. He then bought half the practice becoming a partner and five years later bought the other half becoming sole owner. Once "in charge" he implemented a 5-year program (that took 7 years to complete) to transform his practice into a low volume, comprehensive care, referral based, specialty practice. In Hawaii, where over 98% of the dentists participate with at least one PPO, Dr. Fay has for the past five years practiced completely insurance independent.

Dr. Fay is a teaching assistant on the faculty of the Pankey Institute. Although he enjoys speaking to groups of dentists about various clinical topics summarized under the grand heading of Comprehensive Dentistry, his favorite topic for dentists and their team members is how to build a relationship centered practice. Dr. Fay has also been published in the Journal of the Hawaii Dental Association.

When not practicing Dr. Fay and Emma wrestle with their farming business/hobby. And for real fun they like fine dining, skiing, and traveling the world in search of the ultimate scuba diving adventure. Dr. Fay's new adventure is paragliding. He has helped many dentists take that leap of faith as well.