Deb Castillo

Co-Founder and Director of Training

Deb comes from a strong and varied background in dentistry. She graduated from California Polytechnic University with a degree in History and began her professional experience in management with a leading retail department store in Southern California. After a brief hiatus to raise their two sons, Deb returned to her management career, overseeing a successful private care dental practice in San Diego, California. When computers were introduced into dental practices, Deb joined an innovative dental software company. Beginning as an Applications Specialist, she quickly moved to National Director of Training where she worked with dental practices from around the country.

After relocating to Arizona, Deb joined a leading dental practice management company where she served as a key member of the faculty, supporting doctors and their teams while helping them to achieve their goals. She traveled to their offices, conducting a comprehensive analysis of the current conditions and recommending appropriate remedies. Deb's success results from her unique ability to determine what roadblocks stand in the way of a practice achieving its goals. She then helps the team to re-focus on the correct strategies, allowing her clients to reach their objectives and realize their dreams.

Deb has been employed as Director of Practice Development with the major lender in the dental industry. She worked throughout the country with dental clients who were often taking their practices through transition: start-up, recent practice purchase, or practice re-location. Because this is a crucial time in any dental business, Deb worked closely with her clients to create business/marketing plans, outlining the necessary steps to assure not only a peaceful transition, but continued long-term prosperity as well. In addition, Deb counseled practices in crisis. As a turn-around specialist, she determines the areas that need immediate attention and assists the doctor and staff in creating an effective plan to correct the problems and improve cash flow. Developing the plan, however, is only part of the solution; the recommended changes need to be implemented. Deb's ability to communicate to her clients and her sincere belief in their capabilities, coupled with her knowledge and experience, creates a positive environment where the doctor and staff can make the changes necessary to secure the success of the practice.

As a co-founder of the Growth Into Greatness Institute, Deb has been working with the team since 2000 as a Generative Coach. Over time Deb has learned the systems and procedures that must work together to allow for seamless quality and predictable results. Her unique background and experience provide invaluable insights into the financial aspect of operating a successful dental practice. She understands that developing a fiscal management system is the foundation for success. Using her ability to analyze a cash flow statement and a balance sheet and to locate the problem areas, Deb is able to develop solutions for lowering overhead and increasing revenues, key building blocks in establishing a profitable practice.

Not only does Deb know the components that allow a team to succeed, she possesses exceptional communication and motivational skills, which enable her to infuse her clients with a positive attitude, empowering them to embrace change. Her unlimited energy, affirmative attitude and boundless enthusiasm, joined with her knowledge of what makes a successful dental practice, make Deb a dynamic coach who, time-after-time, has helped dental practices to achieve their dreams.