Christy Battiato, M.S., CWP

Practice Wellness/Transitions

Christine holds a bachelor’s degree (BS) in Psychology with a minor in nutrition education from The University of Arizona. She holds a master’s degree (MS) from The University of Colorado at Boulder (CU). While at CU, she was actively involved in the Wellness initiatives of the campus and the surrounding community. Her greatest accomplishment while in graduate school was being the youngest teaching assistant on staff. Professors, doctors, leaders and researchers in the fields of psychology, exercise physiology nutrition and physical medicine also mentored her. She authored and presented research at AAASP at the end of her master’s program, while interning in the Wellness Centers of both Denver, HealthSouth, CU-Boulder, where her applied work included managing a large, comprehensive Wellness program.  

Christine was afforded these opportunities because of her involvement and services as a research assistant in the Human Performance Lab. Here, she assisted medical doctors in the medical study of the Physiological effects of stress on the Denver Fire and Police Squad. A co-graduate initiative with a Stanford-trained dietician provided her the opportunity to teach, consult and deliver private care services to patients of HealthSouth Rehabilitation (Corporate headquarters). Based on this applied research, HealthSouth then expanded their national services corporately.  

After this rich experience as a graduate student at CU, Christine moved back to Arizona where she continued this work and planned to pursue a PhD. During this season, she worked for many large organizations where she implemented various comprehensive Wellness Programs in the Phoenix-Metropolitan area. She was further trained in applying physician-supervised hospital based, and behavioral health-based comprehensive wellness programs. While applying to PhD programs, she was recruited by a leading business school for dentists. Here, she was asked to create a comprehensive wellness program for a passionate leader in the field of dentistry. As director of his wellness program, she administered a preventive medicine program to all of the students in the Level II program. She further developed her skills of medical exercise testing, nutritional analysis and writing. She developed a monthly wellness newsletter for her students, the staff and eventually via subscription—the dental marketplace.

Eight years into the Wellness Program for Dentists, Christine’s life priorities took a personal, more deepened path. She became a wife and a mother of two (now young adult) children. And in the year 2000, her family relocated to Medford, Oregon to help build the Growth Into Greatness Institute. Presently, Christine enjoys assisting Mark, her husband and owner, with wellness design, writing and attending to business development. She occupies her time with family activates, taking MBA courses, and maintaining her wellness program certifications (CWP, CWWS, CWWPM) through the National Wellness Institute, where is where she began her career twenty-five years ago.