A integral part of the Entrepreneurial Training Academy are the Personalized Performance Solutions. As part of the your practice's on-side development, Growth Into Greatness team members meet with you and your team for training based on your personal practice philosophy.

Personalized Performance Solutions I (PPS I)
A three-and-a-half day course that focuses on leadership, wealth, vision and structure.

Key Areas of Practice & Personal Development Include:

• Vision
• Profitability
• Financial Arrangements
• Developing Systems
• Morning Huddle
• Staff Meetings
• The Ideal Day


Personalized Performance Solutions II (PPS II)
A three day course focusing on entrepreneurial empowerment, TQM, marketing, hygiene, communication and growth.

Key Areas of Practice & Personal Development Include:

• C.A.R.E.
• Marketing
• Group Discussions
• New Patients
• Scheduling
• Communication