Bill Bailey

Entrepreneurial Development Coach

"My remaining years of life will be devoted to a new generation of entrepreneurs, who with their enthusiasm, their vision and vigor, and their desire to achieve; have become an inspiration to all of us. It is indeed a privilege to contribute in any way to the growth of this new wave of leaders who have affirmed my belief that the future always exceeds the past."

Having established his fortune and reputation in building several business enterprises, Bill now concentrates his creative skills on Growth Into Greatness Institute, a company dedicated in worldwide marketing of personal development, financial independence, entrepreneurialism, management and leadership, along with sales oriented seminars and training programs. Bill's keynote lectures have been credited by major corporations as the single most inspirational and impacting information compelling individuals and teams to higher levels of greatness within.

Bill's passion for life is infectious. People who have received his message say he is a legend and a rare man indeed. In his remaining years of life, his vocation is to give back to others and to share his incredible life experiences and lessons; to impart his wisdom on the next generation.

Bill was awarded the prestigious "Horatio Alger Award" in 1972 by Norman Vincent Peale, as well as the coveted "Golden Plate Award"; the only man in noted history to receive both of these high honors.

"Everything which has ever been
And Everything which will ever be
Is now...
It need only be discovered."
William E. Bailey